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The studio atmosphere we have built is one of achievement and purpose. We offer authentic program design that is tailored to fit your healthy lifestyle. We give you the accountability that you need and take pride in providing you with an amazing personal training experience that can only be achieved through the right balance of trainer and client guided personal training sessions. To learn more, please take a moment to subscribe to our newsletter



One on One

Get the personalized attention that you need to reach your fitness goals, large or small. No matter what you’d like to achieve our personal trainers specialize in  designing a comprehensive program specifically for you. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

30 and 60 min sessions

Buddy Training

 Achieve your goal with like-minded friends or family members. This is the best option for those who need help changing their body, and are seeking a more affordable option to the one on one individual session. Draw strength from having someone go through the exercises with you. “Iron sharpens iron” 2-4 clients.
30 and 60 min sessions

Group Training

There's strength in numbers. True statement, especially in our group boot camp style classes. Great option for the upcoming bride or groom and their wedding party! Call or e-mail for current availability.

Personal Training App

If meeting one on one or being in a group setting is not an option. This personalized option is the best route to go. It is ideal for the individual who is ready to change and needs more then looking around for the best training/nutrition routine app or on line. This is personalized to meet and exceed your expectations through certified personal trainers and yields amazing results.

Fit Kitchen™

Need to know how to cook healthy nutritious food with what you have in the pantry and fridge?  Then this is the option to best serve you. Another option is to be accompanied by a trainer through your grocery shopping. “You are what you eat”! This product is all about the food!

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Our Video Library

We have collected a series of our favorite videos below. You can see instructional videos on our Facebook video page.

Our Community

Each of our clients look forward to their training sessions and have a common interest in one anothers success. The community that has been developed is one of happiness and triumph that breeds comradery and encouragement. Rapid Fitness is the studio where you can achieve and maintain your healthy lifestyle.

"The trainers are very personable and you leave feeling like $100! I definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking at getting into shape!"

"We get lots of great advice for what to do for home workouts with suggested foods to meet the targeted calories/Carbs/protein."

"Benny is amazing, his knowledge and direction keep you motivated and committed to reach your goals."

"Benito helped me get out of the wheelchair and back into doing things I enjoy like sports and outdoor activities."

..."His understanding of nutrition, fitness, and how the body works has been instrumental in meeting and surpassing my fitness goals."

"I'm feeling stronger more energetic, and able to play with my son the way I have always wanted to."

"He helped me recover from total knee surgery with pre and post surgery training 2 years ago! I have full range of motion and full strength!"

"These guys know how to customize training for ANYONE! From teens trying to stay fit in a video game world, to the old woman who lives in a shoe."

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