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Rapid Fitness Development’s team, Karri Martin, Rachael Juvera, Benito Juvera and Marcus Jones.

Rapid Fitness Development gives a fitness experience that is second to none. Providing you our client with the very best in Personal Training by delivering exceptional hospitality, accessibility and accountability. We would love to train you in our cozy studio in Colorado Springs, or through our personal training app. We pride ourselves in providing information on nutrition, resistance training, and healthy lifestyle changes all directed towards achieving, maintaining, and exceeding the fitness goals of each and every client.

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Benito Juvera training Sarah Santos at Rapid Fitness Development.

Our business started in Colorado Springs in the fall of 2013. All of our Personal trainers are certified and been in the industry for at least 5 years. All trainers have an outstanding track record, with exceptional customer service skills. We realized when new gyms were going up in our area, that some of our clients wanted that "new gym" smell. So we decided to open our own training studio and build it for them and becasue of them. We looked at current and past clients and found that knowledge plus experience is power, the kind of power you need to change your life! During personal training  at  other fitness facilities together as a team of trainers we help clients  drop over 2000 lbs. in pure body fat!

New gyms will lose there luster, but results never will! Getting results and maintaining our clients fitness is what we are best at.  We want to help educate, build you up, and sustain you in a healthy way of life. We strive for life long professional relationships with each and every one of our clients. When you decide to take on a new level of fitness we are here for you. 

Our Trainers specialize in post rehab exercise, powerlifting, cardiovascular training, nutrition, weight loss, weight gain, corrective exercise, functional fitness, bodybuilding, sports training, and special population training. If there is any other specific need that a client may have we pride ourselves in obtaining the necessary knowledge to help that specific client. There really is no goal too big or small. We look forward to meeting you and showing you what this is all about. 

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