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Personal Trainer Bio’s

Marcus Jones Rapid Fitness Development, 3842 Maizeland rd Colorado Springs Colorado 80909

Marcus Jones

I am an extremely motivated and personable member of our team.  I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, an honor graduate of the National Personal Training Institute, possesses a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science, and am a former U.S. Army Master Fitness Trainer.
I am a retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant, and find my purpose in designing and implementing fitness programs that meets the client’s goals and needs.  I hold certificates in Olympic Lifting, Kettlebells, and Tactical Athlete Training.  I am well versed and enjoy helping clients lose fat, build muscle, correct muscular imbalances, shore up body mechanics, and train for sport or job. personal trainer Colorado Springs

Benito Juvera, Owner of Rapid Fitness Development, 3842 Maizeland rd Colorado Springs 80909

Benito Juvera

AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer

I have been a certified personal trainer since 2008 and have been body building since 2003. As a personal fitness trainer at various facilities, I have helped current and past clients achieve their fitness, weight loss, physique, strength, mobility, balance, endurance, health, and corporate fitness goals. Over the duration of my career in my clients have dropped over 1500lbs in combine body fat. I have also helped powerlifters set state and national records, and helped natural bodybuilders and physique competitors qualify for national competitions and place high. My clients truly humble me because they will follow me wherever I go I love them all, and share the desire in my heart to serve this world through health and fitness. My desire is to be second to none as a husband, father, business owner and personal trainer. I aspire to build the best, world renowned personal training facility’s & programs. My motivation is to strengthen, heal, teach, encourage, instruct and incorporate a fit lifestyle into each and every one of our clients, while elevating every one to new heights in their personal fitness. I love training, both myself and my clients. I believe that exercise can and should be fun, challenging, intense and focused to develop a lasting healthy habit. I am sure that I can transfer the true joy of exercise and all of the benefits that living a healthy lifestyle has to offer. My gym is your gym, and I hope to meet you soon! Some of what I specialize in is post rehab exercise, nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, weight loss and weight gain, body building, corrective exercise, functional fitness, sports training, and training for special populations. There really is no goal too big or too small. Colorado Springs team

Rachael Juvera, Rapid Fitness Development, 3842 Maizeland rd Colorado Springs Colorado 80909

Rachael Juvera


I’m here to equip you to meet your physical fitness goals. Being fit is not a hobby; fitness is an opportunity in which you have the option to choose to grab the reigns and engage in a lifestyle that will enable you to live life to the fullest. 

I have worked in a clinical rehab setting for 6 years and personally trained at 2 large corporate gyms. My training style is a proactive approach with regards to injury prevention and rehab. I have worked in several physical therapy offices, with a wide range of clients of all ages. I enjoy training athletes of all levels and ages while taking there game to the next level. I have been involved in team and individual sports as long as I can remember. I played competitive basketball for 12 years, participate in the boulder boulder annually, ran 2 marathons, and enjoy hiking and exploring beautiful Colorado. After college I started running more and like to challenge myself to compete in a new event each year. Being active is a way of life and is a passion I want to share with everyone: Pain doesn’t mean gain; Get pumped and challenge yourself to go faster, harder, and stronger; Challenge equals change. I specialize in helping you to unlock your full fitness potential, responsibly using proper overload and progressions. “Let perseverance finish its work so that you maybe mature and complete, not lacking anything”. personal trainer personal training Colorado Springs

Karri Martin, Rapid Fitness Development, 3842 Maizeland rd Colorado Springs Colorado 80909

Karri Martin

I am a CPT through NASM as well as a Weight Loss, Fitness Nutrition and Corrective Exercise Specialist. 

I started working out when I was very unhappy and overweight working a desk job at a call center. I knew I needed a change and I had to get into shape. I ended up falling in love with working out and started getting my certification. It has become my passion to help others through the struggles I have faced in my fitness journey. Colorado Springs personal training personal trainer team